Reebok Sport Club & Alkanatur

A New Research with alkaline water in sports, in collaboration with the Team Clavería

In September 2017, we made a study with 7 triathletes at the medical center of the Reebok Sport Club La Finca, coordinated by the cardiologist Cristian Casseus Schurig and the medical director of the Center and specialist in sport medicine Dr. María Jesús Nuñez Gil.

This study consisted of performing stress tests with exhaled gases under hydration with tap water, and 2 months later, under hydration with Alkanatur alkaline water, during one week. During that period the athletes were in a stage of training and competition.

Hydrating the athletes with Alkanatur alkaline water, has shown a significant increase in the time to reach the anaerobic threshold, expressed in a delay in the onset of fatigue.

The analysis of blood lactate after maximal exercise also showed a significant decrease in athletes hydrated with alkaline water, compared who those who did not, and a greater muscle recovery after exercise which is very important in athletes with high training loads.


Hydration with Alkanatur alkaline water, increases the performance of the athlete, being a simple and healthy ergogenic aid, because it provides high concentration of antioxidants, which are very important to fight the oxidative stress that athletes have.

Another very important thing are the minerals it provides, with a high concentration of magnesium, essential in the neuromuscular axis.

About Reebok Sport Center La Finca

The Reebok Sport Center La Finca, is a sports complex, with 2 swimming pools, large gardens, and rooms with lot kinds of machines (some of them with anti-gravitational system to avoid injuries), beauty salon, health center,…

The analysis have been tested with the Clavería Team. The Clavería Team is the 2024 Olympics project, a program of high sports performance in triathlon. The Clavería Team has the challenge to enhance the talent and physical development of young triathletes to take them to the top of the triathlon.

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