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Pitcher to alkalize, hydrogenate, purify and ionize water

Our products are 100% made in Spain and they comply all the certifications of the demanding European Union

Eliminates un to 99%


Our filters are 100% natural and do not have exchange resin

Our pH is between 8,5 to 9,5

Magnesium 18mg/L

Antioxidant water - CAM technology: 77,7% of antioxidant capacity

We invest in scientific researches to improve people's health

Scientific Studies

Studies made by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), the largest public institution in Spain dedicated to research and one of the most renowned of the European Research Ares and Alkanatur

Evaluation of the potential benefits of alkaline drinking water on tumor development in mice evidences vascular protective effects

We've developed a new preclinical scientific research from the CSIC in Madrid, made by M.D. Maria Monsalve (CSIC Senior Scientist. Head of the Research Group of the Biomedical Research Institute "Alberto Sols" - IIBm) about three types of tumors: skin, lung and liver and how Alkanatur water influences them. We share the letter that Dr. Monsalve has written summarizing the work they are doing.

Recently, the study "Evaluation of the potential benefits of alkaline drinking water on tumor development reveals vascular protective effects" was published by the scientific journal "Archives of Medical Science - Civilization Diseases". This annual publication gathers worldwide researches on diseases related to lifestyle. Most of the papers are focused on the inquiries about the longevity of the human being in industrialized countries. In the following link you can read the complete article.

"The vital importance of good water in our lives" by Doctor María Monsalve

M.D. María Monsalve is a Senior Research Scientist at the National Spanish Research Centre (CSIC). Head of the Research Group at the Biomedical Research Institute Alberto Sols, IIBm (CSIC - UAM). And in this letter talks about the vital importance of water quality in our lives.

In this study made by the CSIC - UAM at the hands of Dr. María Monsalve, Head of the Reserch Group of the Biomedical Research Institute, Alberto Sols IIBm, discovered that cleaning the tap water with Alkanatur filter, the water restored is natural ionic balance and demostrated its effectiveness in tumor development.

Evaluation of buffering and neutralisation capacities of acid

Scientific research made at the University of Almería, demostrated the neutralizing capacity of Alkanatur pitcher filters before the acid wastes generated by the organism and its antioxidant capacity. In both cases quadruples its capacity compared to mineral water and ultra-distilled water.


Research made about Diabetes Type I in relation with the water of Alkanatur Drops

Alkanatur proves through a research made by the University of Vigo, that the water coming from our pitcher Alkanatur Drops, reduces the oxidative stress and the levels of tryglicerides.

The conclusion was that hydration with Alkanatur Alkaline Water increases the performance of the athletes, being a simple and healthy ergogenic aid, because it provides high concentration of antioxidants, which are very important to fight the oxidative stress that athletes have. Another very important thing are the minerals it provides, have a high concentration of magnesium, essential for the neuromuscular axis.


Antibacterial filter, Increases magnesium, Endocrine disruptors free...

Technical information

How to alkalize the water?

Most of the products to alkalize water add calcium in an economic way and with poor quality, especially those manufactured in China (using calcite and dolomite). In addition to the sodium added that is released by the ion exchange resins. This aggravates problems such as the formation of kidney stones, excess calcium, sodium, and little magnesium. 

Puigvert Foundation Study (Autonomous University of Barcelona): 

Toxic-free plastic

Some products are free of BPA (Bisphenol A) but there are many other with similar and equally dangerous components such as ESBO, Phthalates, Antimony, amongst others... 

Alkanatur is the only company that has a university certificate showing that our plastics are free of all endocrine disruptors (toxins from plastics), certified by Doctor Nicolás Olea - IBS of Granada

Ion exchange resin

Most alkalizing pitchers in the market, like the popular brand Brita, use this ion exchange resin to remove calcium and magnesium from the water, resulting in a reduction of minerals. This resin is a plastic derived from petroleum and most are made of Benzene and Styrene, two toxic substances, as described by the environmental journalist, Carlos de Prada. 

Hogar Sin Tóxicos (Home Without Toxics). Min: 3:52:00 to 3:57:00. 

Most of these resins exchange calcium and magnesium ions (taking them from the water) for sodium ions (adding them to the water). Sodium is liked to many health problems and is dangerous for people with hypertension, diabetes, cancer, etc. Therefore, does it have any logic to eliminate key minerals for our health such as calcium and magnesium with a toxic product such as an ion exchange resin?

Multinational manufacturing companies of these resins justify that nothing transfers to the water. They have certificates as "Suitable for contact with food (water)" still knowing that the water is the universal solvent and because of that, it is very easily impregnated with every element it touches. Would you risk giving your family this type of water every day?

Does it have any effect on health?

Finally and most important, the consumers who buy products to alkalize, ionize and hydrogenate water is because of the effect it has on their health: to alkalize our body and because of the fantastic antioxidant effect (ionization-hydrogenation) or the magnesium input.

Some skeptical doctor and scientists claim that the acids in our stomach (hydrochloric acid) eliminate these active ingredients (alkaline minerals and antioxidant electrons), and we have demonstrated the benefits of antioxidant alkaline water on our health, by investing in scientific studies.

At Alkanatur, through our patented Alkamicronized Selective® technology, we are able to deliver approximately 77% of these active ingredients to the areas of the body where they are needed, compared to other brands that can barely take advantage of 10%. For this reason, why does no other company in the industry invest at least one Euro/Dollar in scientific studies of other companies showing the benefits that ionized alkaline water has because there are abysmal differences from one product to another.

The motto of our company is to make the population aware of the vital importance of good water in our health. We are water. Our body is made of approximately 70% water.

Do you want to improve your health and your life? Now the change is up to you.water.

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